Following list contain our partners and sponsors of scholarships for meritorious students.

As it is part of our responsibility to serve the community in the area of our presence, we request your organization to sponsor scholarships for the talented students from your area of schools picked through our selection process. Your scholarships help to motivate the children to enhance their academic abilities. Your support is greatly appreciated. We are the facilitators for qualified students and sponsors. We arrange the scholarships directly from sponsors to qualified students.  

Media Partner

A reputed television channel, hmtv, in Andhra Pradesh is our media  partner...





Vullaganti Trust

A charitable trust in Andhra Pradesh is accepted to sponsor few meritoriousstudents...





Kamaraju Foundation

A service oriented foundation based in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh is ready to give scholarships for students selected in Tenali zone...





Legacy InfraStructures

A Hyderabad based real estate and construction company is accepted to offer scholarships for students qualified through these exams...





Life Yessence Academy

100% Memory Program - SSY Hundred Percent Memory Programme (HMP) has been developed by Guruji Rishi Prabhakar after 30 years of research. RSVK has two schools in India (at Vishakhapatnam and Bangalore) where this knowledge of Poojya Guruji has been implemented and children are experiencing efforless education and fun of learning. Students in these schools complete their entire year’s curriculum in 21 to 30 days...







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