Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a student benefit by taking GMT & GST?  
These Exams are official tests of knowledge and sets a benchmark for your performance and knowledge. It helps you to get used to participate in competitions zand also gives you strong foundation for IIT, AIEEE, EAMCET and other exams. Moreover, We offer Scholarships for top ranked Students.  
2. Who can appear for these exams?  
Students of Grade 3 to Grade 12 are eligible to appear for the Global Exams.
3. Where can I get the information about GMT & GST?  
The information can be obtained from the schools all over India. Moreover, you can obtain the information you need by visiting OR
4. What can I do if my school does not have Global Examinations information?  
Let us know the complete address of your school by calling 040-64555722. We will send the detailed information and the necessary registration forms to your School so that your Principal/ Teacher can register your names for the exam.  
5. What is the syllabus for the GMT & GST?  
There is no specific curriculum that we follow. It covers the common syllabus of CBSE, ICSE, SAT, and all other State Boards. If you understand the concepts of any one curriculum, you will be able to answer the questions comfortably.  
6. Do I need to have any special books for these exams preparation? ;  
There are no specified books as such. In general, you can follow the books of your own School prescribed.  
7. Can I write the exam on my own without contacting our school?
Yes, You can. Please Call 040-64555722 for details.  
8. Do I have to appear for the exams every year?  
Definitely Yes. It gives you an opportunity to improve your performance gradually. Also it makes you ready for all competitive exams you appear after completion of Schooling.  
9. Can I have sample papers?  
Yes, You Can. Sample Papers are usually obtained from all the registered schools. OR you can visit our website.  
10. What is the examination format?  
The first level exam is multiple-choice format of 60 minutes duration comprising 50 objective-type questions for class 3 to class 12. Each valid answer carries one mark. Students of 11th and 12th grades answer any three parts of the Question Paper: (i) Physics, (ii) Chemistry, (iii) Mathematics/Biology.  
11. When do I get the results?  
Exam Results will usually be announced 4 weeks after the completion of examination. Results can be obtained online or offline (at your school OR Registered Examination Center).
12. Do I have to appear for exams every year?  
It is better to appear for exams every year to check the benchmark of your performance. These certificates will definitely have an added value to your academic career.  
13. Can I appear for this exam irrespective of the school I am going to?  
Yes, you can identify the nearest Registered Exam Center from your location by calling us at 040-64555722.  
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