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Exam Regulations

Taking your GMT & GST exams at each level is part of your journey towards becoming a Certified GMT/GST professional.

1. You are required to comply in all respects with any instructions issued by the Global Exams Representative, Exam Supervisor and Invigilators before and during an exam.

2. You may not attempt to deceive the Global Exams Representative or the Exam Supervisor by giving false or misleading information.

3. You are not allowed to take to your exam desk, possess, use or intend to use while at that desk, any books, notes or other materials except those authorized by the Global Exams Representative. If you are found to have taken to your desk, or possessed while at that desk, unauthorized materials which are relevant to the syllabus being examined, it will be assumed that you intended to use them to gain an unfair advantage in the exam. In any subsequent disciplinary proceedings, it shall be for you to prove that you did not intend to use the materials to gain an unfair advantage in the exam.

4. You may not assist, attempt to assist, obtain or attempt to obtain assistance by improper means from any other person during your exams.

5. You are required to adhere at all times to the Instructions to Candidates, which you receive with your Examination Attendance Docket.

6. You are required to comply with the exam supervisor's ruling. Supervisors are obliged to report any cases of irregularity or improper conduct to the Global Exams Representative. The supervisor/ Global Exams Representative are empowered to discontinue your exam if you are suspected of misconduct and to exclude you from the exam hall.

7. You may not engage in any other unprofessional conduct designed to assist you in your exam attempt.

8. You are not permitted to remove either your script booklet or your question paper from the exam hall. All exam scripts remain the property of Global Exams Committee.

9. Once the exam has started, you are not allowed to leave the exam hall permanently until the end of the session and then only when instructed by the supervisor.

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